There is A Time 都有定時

There is A Time
Kurt Tong, Simon Chi-Chung Wan, Yan Kallen

19 April (Friday) to 05 May 2013   *extended until 31 May 2013 (Friday)

Opening Reception: Friday, April 19, 6:00 – 9:00pm (Artists will be present)
Meet the Artists: Thursday, April 25, 7:00 – 9:00pm

The Photocrafters presents There is A Time, an exhib­i­tion fea­turing works by Kurt TONG, Simon WAN Chi-Chung, and YAN Kallen. The exhib­i­tion brings together works which all three pho­to­graphic artists cre­ated as a response to sig­ni­ficant, some­times dif­fi­cult, per­sonal exper­i­ences in their lives. (this exhib­i­tion will be fea­tured on HK ArtWalk 2013 & HK Gallery Week 2013)

Kurt Tong’s The Queen, The Chairman and I, is a per­sonal pro­ject tra­cing back the artist’s own Chinese her­itage through his family’s migra­tion his­tory in the last cen­tury, from China to Hong Kong and then to the United Kingdom. Compiled in book format, new pho­to­graphs, centuries-old found pho­to­graphs, and writ­ings are presented in an intimate set­ting where viewers are invited to have a cup of tea as they explore Tong’s visual journal.

Simon Chi-Chung Wan’s Over the Horizon image series is not your typ­ical pho­to­graphic work. It is a col­lec­tion of 126 indi­vidual images, mostly taken on moun­tains, across the sky, and over hori­zons. The 30 meters roll was impec­cably executed with great care and depth of feeling, presented on hand-printed, fibre-based photo paper. Wan chose a labor­ious image-making pro­cess to express the sorrow that came with the absence of a loved one: climbing up a moun­tain with his cum­ber­some large format camera, pressing the shutter, aiming at the dir­ec­tion where his beloved was staying, somehow, Wan felt better, as if in that moment they were together again. In a way, his photos were only the by-product of this painful separation.

Yan Kallen will present No Coming, No Going, an install­a­tion of 8 black and white pho­to­graphs cap­turing sea water as it reaches the fur­thest point ashore—a moment when the wave is either coming or going. After sur­viving a life or death situ­ation, Yan came across the writ­ings of Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh on life, death, and exist­ence. Yan bor­rowed the phrase “No Coming, No Going” as inspir­a­tion to create this work to reflect on his own life, and as his mind­ful­ness practice.

Press Release

Press image The Queen, The Chairman and I, Kurt Tong
Press image Over the Horizon, Simon Wan Chi-Chung
Press image No Coming, No Going, Yan Kallen


唐景鋒, 尹子聰, 殷家樑

2013年4月19日(星期五) 至 5月5日   *延遲到 5月31(星期五)

開幕酒會: 4月19日(星期五) 晚上6:00至9:00
藝術家分享會: 4月25日(星期四) 晚上7:00至9:00




殷家樑的《無有來、無有去》,是一組八張的黑白相片。攝影家補捉了海濤拍岸的最高點。在那一刻,浪潮既非前來、亦非離去。經歷過生死大事後,殷家樑遇上禪學大師Thích Nhất Hạnh 關於生死與存在的哲學著作,並從之借用「無有來、無有去」的概念,折射藝術家個人的思辯以及人生觀。


圖片 《女皇,主席與我》唐景鋒
圖片 《踏過地平線》尹子聰
圖片  《無有來、無有去》殷家樑

Artists Bio

Kurt TONG (b.1977, Hong Kong) gained his Masters in doc­u­mentary pho­to­graphy at the London College of Communications in 2006 and sub­sequently began working on much more per­sonal pro­jects. He has won numerous awards for his pho­to­graphy and pub­lic­a­tions: the Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award, the Photograph.Book.Now com­pet­i­tion, the Hey, Hot Shot! com­pet­i­tion, and the Jerwood Photography Award. The Queen, The Chairman and I was recent chosen as a finalist in the European Publishers Award. He is rep­res­ented by Jen Bekman Gallery in New York, The Photographer’s Gallery in London and by Identity Gallery and Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong.

Simon Chi-Chung WAN (b. 1976, Hong Kong) gradu­ated from the University of Wales in 2000 with a BA(Hons) in Documentary Photography. Awards have included Société Générale Chinese Art Awards (final nom­inee, 2011), and the Prix Pictet Award 2010 (nom­in­ated can­didate). He has exhib­ited in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Paris, and Russia. Wan’s work has been col­lected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum as well as private collections.

YAN Kallen (b.1981, Hong Kong) estab­lished his studio in 2004 after attending Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Parsons School of Design, and began his career as art dir­ector for books and magazines in New York and Amsterdam. Since returning to Hong Kong in 2009, Yan has focused on making his pho­to­graphic art­work. In 2012 he was short­l­isted finalist for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards by the Hong Kong Museum of Art.




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