The First “__________” Exhibition


Over a hun­dred people sub­mitted their work to The First “___________” Exhibition. Through the open call for sub­mis­sions to the public,  the blank walls and even parts of the ceil­ings and floors of the gal­lery were covered with work by the many indi­viduals who were part of this col­lective art exper­i­ment. The exhib­i­tion started when the first work was hung on 30th of August 2012, and began to organ­ic­ally take its shape as new work was added almost everyday. It was a chal­lenge and ques­tioning of what is worthy to be hung in a gal­lery. The cre­ator also became the curator.


Submission period: August 30th – September 30th (Time: 12:00-19:00)
Exhibition period: August 30th – October 30th 2012

The Photocrafters is thrilled to present its inaug­ural exhib­i­tion. The exhib­i­tion is not lim­ited to a par­tic­ular artist or point of view, but is designed to be by the people and for the people, whereby the Hong Kong com­munity is invited to be both the cre­ators and the critics. Through the inter­ac­tions between par­ti­cipants and the images they submit, the exhib­i­tion aims to explore indi­vidual cre­ativity and col­lective expect­a­tions toward the nature of art.

The guidelines for the exhib­i­tion are inten­tion­ally min­imal, with the belief that the sim­pli­city of the idea will spur greater ima­gin­a­tion and cre­ative freedom. Each par­ti­cipant is asked to submit one print image titled “the first some­thing” (e.g. the First Fight or the First Apple). There are no restric­tions on how the image is presented in terms of size and format. The par­ti­cipants must come to hang/place their image in our studio in person, thus assuming the role of the cur­ator as well. A cel­eb­ratory recep­tion will be held on the final day of the sub­mis­sion where the cre­ators of the images and guests will view and dis­cuss each others’ work. As we open our walls to the public, we are asking the par­ti­cipants from a broad range of age groups and back­grounds to open and expand their minds.

The exhib­i­tion is an exper­i­ment to rein­ter­pret art in a world where the internet has allowed the sharing of ideas, feel­ings, and cre­ativity to become fluid and demo­cratic. How do we as a society cut through the noise and identify works of art? What con­sti­tutes art? What is being shown in the gal­leries in Hong Kong? Where do you see works by local artists? How can we make art a more access­ible and enga­ging exper­i­ence? We hope these ques­tions will serve as the cata­lyst for thoughtful dis­cus­sions among our participants.

The Photocrafters invites you to join our first exhib­i­tion as a cre­ator and critic.

How to contribute:

  • Please sub­mit one print image
  • The photo must be titled: “The First Some­thing” for example:
    “The First Apple”, “The First Fight”, etc …
  • Come hang your work in per­son at The Photocrafters, between
    August 30th and September 30th, 2012 12:00-19:00 (closed Fridays)
  • No size or form lim­it­a­tions, as long as it is a photograph.
  • Present your work how­ever you wish. (framed / unframed /
    col­our / black & white / light box)

Space for hanging your work is on first come first served basis. The exhib­i­tion is open to pub­lic for view­ing when the first photo goes on the wall.

*This is not a competition!

提交日期: 8月30日- 9月30日 (時間: 12:00-19:00)
展覽日期: 8月30日-10月30日 2012

黑點將於八月至十月期間舉行首個展覽項目The First “__________” Exhibition,以全新 “Photo Jamming” 形式與大眾見面!是次展覽並非大家常見的個人攝影展,它是一個由參加者創作、分享,同時以創作者及評論人身份參與在其中的藝術創作項目。透過各參加者提交作品之間的接觸和互動,我們期望從中能帶動出個人創意與集體索求於藝術本義上的影響。

這次展覽的參與方式很簡單,務求激發無窮想像及創作潛能。每位參加者只需提交一張以 “The First” 為題的作品(例如:《 第一次飛旅 》,《第一個蘋果》…)就能參與其中。參加者必須自行前往黑點,將作品掛起,以策展人的角式自行選擇合適的空間位置展示作品 。提交作品為期一個月,黑點將於提交限期的最後一天(9月30日)舉行慶祝酒會並廣邀所有參展者及藝術界嘉賓出席,一起觀賞及討論展覽的成果。我們期望以此展覧與一眾攝影藝術人士建立溝通和互動關係,共享創作喜悅。歡迎不同年齡層、不同背景的朋友,踴躍參加。




  • 每人限提交一張照片
  • 作品題目必須以 “ 第一 ( _________ ) ” 命名,例如 “ 第一顆蘋果 ” 、
    “ 第一次打架 ” 等等…
  • 你必須於8月30日-9月30日親身前來黑點把作品掛於展覽場地
  • 作品不設尺寸形式規限
  • 參展者可自由選擇展示方式 (有框 / 沒框 / 彩色 / 黑白 / 燈箱)



Where are the locals?
Photography: Learning, Making, Looking, Selling

A forum dis­cus­sion was hosted on 14 October 2012 at The Photocrafters, as part of The First “____________” Exhibition. Through dis­cus­sion, present­a­tion, and Q&A,  an inter­esting dis­course was cre­ated to dis­cuss the scen­ario of the local pho­to­graphic scene. Industry experts were invited to share and give their dif­ferent per­spect­ives, providing a rare oppor­tunity for – a  free and open to the public event – to exchange thoughts and art appre­ci­ation from a new perspective.


Eve Tam - Chief Curator of Hong Kong Museum of Art
Qinyi Lim - Curator of Para/Site Art Space
Lau Ching Ping - Photographer, Part-time lec­turer of the CUHK
Dominique Perregaux - Director of Art Statements
Simon Wan - Founder of The Photocrafters

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