Selling 107 “No Man Islands” 出售107個無人島

Selling 107 “No Man Islands”

Start from September 22nd to October 7th, A 16 days exped­i­tion trip on sea kayak will go around 107 “No Man Islands” in HK, par­allel with 107 pho­to­graphs taken by the artist Simon Wan.

What was the pur­pose at first? Originally it was from the curi­osity of my child­hood when I was amazed to see a large amount of islands com­prising in HK during each ride on the ferry. I longing to dis­cover them.

The dis­cus­sion of the use of land is a hot topic in recent year, there are people who sug­gest to con­struct arti­fi­cial islands (man-made islands), or to put invest­ment on unin­hab­ited islands in order to solve the land supply. The dream of vis­iting these islands arose in my mind again, I am about to begin the journey.

To com­mence the journey, I bought the cheapest kayak from the Internet shop (Taobao), which is of course not a big brand we are looking for, and not really for dis­tance ocean travel but that’s all my money can go.

The Idea

Collecting art­work is usu­ally unaf­ford­able even if they are labeled as affordable.

This time I want to play the game my way. For the 107 pho­to­graphs taken from these islands, I will sell them for HKD 800 each, print at the size of 40cm x 40cm on gelatin paper. They are ori­ginal and only print for each island. (We know that the edi­tion num­bers in pho­to­graphy can be unlim­ited, thus to cut the limit of edi­tion the higher on its market price.) All prints are hand crafted by myself in the dark­room with the quality of museum standard grade. Your chosen “island” will name after you or as you wish. Plus a spe­cial edi­tion I will com­bine all 107 photos into one 30 metres long roll print, to be given to a museum of Hong Kong. Your name will last a hun­dred gen­er­a­tions with the work.

Making art is more or less a self-conscious pro­cess; it doesn’t usu­ally involve inter­ac­tion with the audi­ence until the show is dis­played. However, this pro­ject is to invite public to get involve with my cre­ativity and to gather col­lective cor­res­pond­ence before it is yet to commence.

It sounds mag­ni­fi­cent and noble, but ima­gines the art­work is not sold; that could lead to unsus­tain­able in living. Should the des­tiny of an artist be dom­in­ated by a small group of dealers or we the audi­ence take the con­trol back?


Simon Wan Chi-Chung













説得那麽[冠冕堂皇],[情操高尚],但賣不出的作品,連開飯都成問題啊!難道藝術家的命運永遠都要由[那一小撮人]操控的嗎?這次,由群眾 – 你[話事],又是否能夠殺出一條新血路呢?




No Man Island Selling Office

To Purchase your island, please come to” The pho­to­crafters” studio ” No Man Island selling office ” at our opening hour. Or con­tact us for more detail.

如欲購買者,請在辦公時間親臨 “黑點” 的 ” 售島處” 或聯絡我們。


Please down­load PDF for island list.
請下載 PDF “島嶼目錄”

Island List PDF





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