課堂日期 / Course Date:
Workshop A
Photography in a post-film era
JULY 7 & 21 (Tues, 2 sessions, 共2堂)

Workshop B
Photography as Art
AUGUST 8, 22 (Mon, 2 sessions, 共2堂)

時間 / Time: 19:30 – 21:30

上課地點 / Venue:
黑點 The Photocrafters

費用 / Fee : $680 for one workshop

導師 / Tutors:
Simon Wan
BA(Hons) Documentary Photography,
MFA of Photography

課堂人數 / Participants 8-12




Workshop A (7/7 & 7/21):




Workshop B (8/8 & 8/22)
天價-攝影作為藝術品在國際性的大型藝術展銷會中,都不乏攝影作品,但一張看似平平無奇的照片,究竟”何德何能”被稱為藝術品,甚至賣上幾千萬大元呢?從那時開始,攝影能登上”大雅之堂” , 而藝術市場對攝影的定位又是如何呢?


Theme Study Workshops

Photography as Narrative Art is one of our centre (The Photocraftters) most pop­ular courses.  The new course struc­ture divides into a series of theme studies, given the learner in-depth know­ledge, plus the inter­activity in dis­cus­sions and crit­ical thinking through out the study.


Workshop A (7/7 & 7/21)

Photography in a post-film era

In the heyday of film, pho­to­graphy was a very tactile pro­cess; it involved a very hands-on approach to photo pro­cessing and devel­op­ment. With the advent of digital pho­to­graphy, this hands-on approach became obsolete. The demand for chemical-based devel­op­ment dropped drastic­ally as you could do everything and more on a computer

So why do people still shoot film?

In the course Photography in a post-film era, stu­dents will invest­igate how advances in digital tech­no­lo­gies have affected the field of pho­to­graphy. Though it may appear that film and digital pho­to­graphy are almost dia­met­ric­ally opposed in how dif­ferent they are, has there really been a fun­da­mental change to the nature of photography?


Workshop B (8/8 & 8/22)

Photography as Art

In recent years, art fairs all have had pho­to­graphs on sale; it seems that even the most ped­es­trian snap­shot can reach mil­lions of dol­lars in price.

What makes these pho­to­graphs so valuable?

In the course Photography as Art stu­dents will invest­igate the gradual elev­a­tion of pho­to­graphy from mere repro­duc­tion to fine art, the place that art holds in the modern art market, as well as the role that cul­ture and society play in the pro­duc­tion and sale of such expensive pho­to­graphs. Additionally, stu­dents will dis­cuss examples of these pho­to­graphs, as well as crit­ical, com­mer­cial and lay recep­tion of these works and their sales.

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