課堂日期 / Course Date:
[ OCT 2016 course]
OCT 13 (Thursday)

7 - 10pm (1堂, One day workshop)

費用 / Fee:
HK$480 *materials included

導師 / Tutor:
Simon Wan
BA(Hons) Documentary Photography,
MFA of Photography

課堂人數 / Participants

C41 彩色菲林應用程序


[黑點] 有見及此,經過黑點團隊的反覆測試後,為喜歡菲林拍攝的你從歐洲直接引入專業的 “恆溫菲林處理程序系統”。由現在開始,大家只須學習應用程序,就能親手處理 35mm、中片幅120,以至大片幅4×5的菲林沖晒程序,做出自己滿意的成果!


凡完成C-41彩色菲林工作坊後,便可以租場享用彩色沖晒菲林的設備。如今,[黑點] 不僅只是黑白,還有C-41彩色系統隨時恭候您的到來!

C41 Colour Film Process Workshop

When numerous pro­fes­sional and high street colour labs have closed down in recent years, having colour material pro­cess seems to be a prob­lem­atic issue. However, with the right equip­ment and know­ledge, the prac­tice isn’t as dif­fi­cult as you think !!

We are very proud to present our newly installed pro­fes­sional colour lab. The “Temperature con­trol small tank colour film pro­cessing system” is imported dir­ectly from Europe, that can handle films from 35mm to 4×5 sheet film in a smooth manner.

And with our team looking after the chem­ical , you can now do it your­self with pro­fes­sional result!

Our one day C-41 colour film pro­cessing work­shop will take you through any­thing you need to know in the colour pro­cess. From the his­tory of colour pho­to­graphy, under­stand the chem­ical nature to the use of our pro­cessing system. Register online to exper­i­ence the magical moment in colours!

Upon com­ple­tion of this work­shop, you can join our rental pro­gamme, not only the B+W but a colour C-41 lab is always waiting for you to come !!

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