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The TPC shop was set up to provide the com­munity with quality pho­to­graphic mater­ials for lower price. You can buy B/W film, pho­to­graphic paper, and dark­room chem­icals at 30-50% less than local shops. We also sell pub­lic­a­tions by local artists on con­sign­ment, please con­tact us if you would like to sell your pub­lic­a­tion at our shop.

Items can be pur­chased at our site in Sheung Wan during opening hours. We accept cash only.

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FOMAPAN Black & White Negative Film

Foma Bohemia, based in the Czech Republic opened in 1921, and started making black and white films and papers in the early 1930′s. Foma black & white films are avail­able in ISO 100, 200 and 400
135 Format
FOMAPAN 100 Classic  135 ISO 100 B/W neg­ative film
FOMAPAN 400 Action  135 ISO 400 B/W neg­ative film
Medium Format
FOMAPAN 100 Classic / 120 ISO 100 B/W neg­ative film
FOMAPAN 400 Action / 120 ISO 400 B/W neg­ative film
Large Format
FOMAPAN 100 Sheet film 4×5 ISO 100 B/W neg­ative sheet film for 4×5 camera. 50 Sheets / box
FOMAPAN 200 Sheet film 4×5 ISO 200 B/W neg­ative sheet film for 4×5 camera. 50 Sheets / box
FOMAPAN 400 Sheet film 4×5 ISO 400 B/W neg­ative sheet film for 4×5 camera. 50 Sheets / box
FOMAPAN 200 Sheet film 8×10 ISO 200 B/W neg­ative sheet film for 8×10 camera. 50 Sheets / box



Fomaspeed Variant RC is a vari­able con­trast, Resin Coated, gen­eral pur­pose black and white paper. Ideal for everyday use and gen­eral work, this paper is an altern­ative to Ilford MGIV RC.
FOMASPEED 311 8×10 B/W GLOSSY / 100 Sheets
FOMASPEED 312 8×10 B/W MATT / 100 Sheets
FOMASPEED 311 16×20 B/W GLOSSY / 10 Sheets
FOMASPEED 312 16×20 B/W MATT / 10 Sheets
FOMASPEED 313 16×20 B/W VELVET / 10 Sheets
FOMASPEED 312 20×24 B/W GLOSSY/ 10 Sheets
FOMASPEED 312 20×24 B/W MATT / 10 Sheets
FOMASPEED 313 20×24 B/W VELVET / 10 Sheets


FOMABROM (FIBRE BASED) Black & White Photographic Paper

FOMABROM VARIANT III is a  variable-contrast enlar­ging black-and-white pho­to­graphic paper on a baryta paper base. Its con­trast can be varied in a large extent from extra soft up to ultra hard by using colour fil­ters at exposure. The paper is designed for ama­teur, com­mer­cial and artistic pho­to­graphy as well as for other applications

FOMABROM 111 8×10 GLOSSY / 100 Sheets
FOMABROM 112 8×10  MATT / 100 Sheets
FOMABROM 111 16×20 GLOSSY / 10 Sheets
FOMABROM 112 16×20 MATT / 10 Sheets
FOMABROM 111 20×24 GLOSSY / 10 Sheets
FOMABROM 112 20×24 MATT / 10 Sheets


FOMA Darkroom Chemicals

Film Developer
FOMADON R09 Film Developer 250ml (sim­ilar to Agfa Rodinal) high energy developer for FILM
FOMADON P (W37) Film Developer 1 litre low energy developer for FILM
FOMADON LQN Film Developer 250ml (sim­ilar to Ilford ID11, or Kodak D76) gen­eral purpose
Paper Developer
FOMATOL LQN Paper Developer 250ml
Stop Bath
FOMACITRO Stop Bath 250ml
FOMAFIX Fixer 500ml
Wetting Agent 250ml
FOMATONER Sepia 2x250ml
FOMATONER Indigo 2x250ml



Mahjong 麻雀 Vol.2
By Wong Kan-tai, Karl Chiu, Vincent Yu, Paul Yeung and Dustin Shum
黃勤帶、趙嘉榮、余偉建、楊德銘 及 岑允逸
ISBN 978-988-18597-2-3

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